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MiiR Pourigami

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MiiR gives 3% of revenue to trackable giving projects. Every MiiR product comes with a Give Code that allows you to experience the story behind your purchase. Flip. Register. Follow.. Stop settling for mediocre coffee while traveling and embrace the trifecta of the Pourigami - the worlds smallest, most durable and portable flat-pack dripper. Three interlocking stainless steel panels make the Pourigami easier to assemble than your origami swan, with just enough weight for stability and designated notches to keep it from sliding off center. Camp Cup sold separately. An included case allows for easy storage with room to stash filters for the road (filters not included). 18/8 medical grade stainless steel doesn't transfer flavor or leave you with a metal aftertaste in your mouth. Hardshell? Powder coat has great color and prevents peeling. BPA free. One-piece retail gift box included (2.75L 5.5H .5W). Hand wash recommended. For best results, wash your MiiR product with a long-handled soft bristle brush, soap, and warm water.

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