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Eden Double Wall Bamboo Glass Bottle - 13.5 Oz.

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Mixed glass and bamboo materials make for a stylish drink bottle. Glass bottle provides a purer drinking experience. Extra-thick borosilicate glass is clean tasting and odor-free. Double wall insulation allows for hot liquids to be used and remain safe to touch. Insulation also keeps cold beverages colder longer and is sweatproof. Make your favorite loose-leaf tea or fruit and herb infused water with the stainless steel infuser basket. Infuser basket can be removed to use as a traditional hydration bottle. Screw top lid with wide mouth opening. Body and infuser are dishwasher safe (top rack), hand wash lid. One-piece white gift box included. 13.5 oz. capacity. This product contains bamboo, which is a natural material. Color and pattern variances are to be expected. Gift box dimensions: 10L 4H 4W

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