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Sidney Sip & Snack Gift Tote

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Snack and sip with this perfect little pairing. Our eco-friendly tote comes with our slim Sidney bottle and a selection of gourmet snack favorites packed inside a reusable drawstring gift bag featuring whole grain pretzels, berry nut mix, dark chocolate sea salt seed bar and drink mixes. Food Net Weight: 10.1 oz.. Select a complimentary ribbon in your choice of colors: white, red, navy blue, royal blue, black or grey (If a ribbon color is not selected, the item will come with a white ribbon). For more detail on the Sidney Bottle, view style #100138. Food contents may vary from what is shown, based on available inventory a substitute of similar or greater value will be used.. Items may vary from image shown. At times a substitute gift bag may be used which will vary slightly from the gift bag shown . All items shown are packaged inside the gift bag

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