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Anker PowerPort Atom PD-1 30W Wall Charger

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Small yet mighty - the laptop charger that's the size of a phone charger. 30-watt output delivers high-speed charging to Apple phones, tablets, laptops, and all USB-C devices. High-Speed High Efficiency - Charge iPhone and Android smartphones up to 50% in just 30 minutes?2. 5 X faster than a 5W iPhone stock charger. Ultra-compact - 40% smaller than an out-of-the-box MacBook charger; about the size of a golf ball. Compatibility: Macbook, iPad Pro, Pixel, and Galaxy. Takes up minimal space, can be carried easily in backpacks, handbags, or pockets. Powered by GaN Technology - by swapping out silicon for gallium nitride (GaN), Anker has created a high efficiency charger that generates less heat, allowing Anker's charging technology to be designed even smaller than ever. Universal (Type ? C) Compatibility. Travel ready: Compact design, 100-240 volt input (50-60Hz) is ideal for worldwide travel. Gift box dimensions: 2.8L 3.6H 1.5W

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